Spring Service

Our Maintenance Menu
  • Spring Prep – Get Ready for Launch!
  • Fluid Changes
  • Impeller Change
  • Tune Up
  • Shaft Alignment
  • Prop Repair
  • Accessory Installation
  • Custom Covers
  • Detailing (prices by quote)
Engine Tune Up Includes:
  • Installation of all parts
  • Clean spark arrestor
  • Check all fluids & belt tension
  • Check for service codes if applicable
  • Check the cooling system
  • Check the charging system
  • Minor carb adjustment
  • Lake test option
Get Your Boat Ready
  • Spring Prep

    Inspect boat and trailer, charge battery, survey, clean battery cable ends & hook up, check all fluids for proper level, check throttle and shift linkage, inspect all hoses and engine plugs properly seated, check electrical wiring, RUN boat up to temperature & confirm cooling, verify oil pressure, temperature, and no leaks, check prop fitment, check fuel level, find drain plug for easy installation at launch, leave keys in the ignition

  • Prop Repair

    All boat owners should have their prop inspected and repaired before launching in the spring. We have a 1 week turn-around time for all props. Does your boat vibrate or shake upon take off? Check the prop. Has your boat lost top end speed? Check the prop. Props may pass a visual inspection but still be “out of balance.” Maximize the performance of yoru boat by replacing or rebuilding the propeller

  • Trailer Service

    Often overlooked, but an important maintenance recommendation for all trailer owners. Chances are you’ve experienced a light or two that is not working on your trailer. How about a trailer latch that always gets stuck? When was the last time you had the bearings in your hubs replaced or repacked? Hire us to do the following: Survey your trailer – check the lights, brakes, tire tread, quick inspection of bearings etc. Report our findings to you. Complete the service with your approval

  • Engine Maintenance

    Annual tune-up – Spark Plugs, Distributor Cap, Points (if applicable), Rotor, Condenser, Fuel Filter, Wires (if needed), Check Timing, Fluid Changes Also Recommended.

  • When the times comes – Winterization

    Inboards, Stern Drives, Outboard engines welcome. Shrinkwrap available. We specialize in pontoon pull-outs by appointment!